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Thriving in turbulent times: building a healthy e-commerce growth

April 20, 2023 / 2 min read

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For the first time in 10 years, UK’s online retail market noted a 9,8% decrease in 2022, after +20% growth in the years before. As the space becomes more challenging, reviewing the healthiness of an e-commerce business is a good step towards building resilience.

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The signs of e-commerce stagnation are clearly visible – the growth is slowing down, stock is becoming more difficult to liquidate, the stream of new customers seems to be drying up and the existing ones tend to visit less frequently and buy less.

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Increased competition and advertising costs

Yet, since the pandemic had accelerated digital transformation in retail, significantly more players compete for the same buyer. Increased market saturation translates into higher advertising costs. And the ongoing legal regulations of privacy is not making it easier, decreasing customer targeting capabilities and in consequence swelling Cost Per Click budgets.

On top of that, customers prefer sticking to what they know and are hesitant about testing new product or business models, such as leasing or subscription.

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The smart & humble approach to overcome stagnation

To overcome stagnation, it’s crucial to simultaneously strengthen the foundations of your business and focus on removing obstacles in the customer journey. But you need to approach it in a smart and humble way to reduce risk. Rather than relying on costly and risky "big bang" launches, businesses should test new ideas iteratively. This allows experimenting in a controlled environment, leading to more efficient use of resources and a greater chance of success.

Investing in customer loyalty always pays off

Effective strategy to navigate the crisis is investing in customer loyalty. Building strong relationships with customers through loyalty programs, personalized experiences, and exceptional customer service can create a sense of personal preference that encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Conducting an e-commerce health check

But most importantly, a proper e-commerce health check is needed to understand which way to go and which areas of your e-commerce ecosystem to invest in first.

This specialist-led audit of various areas of your e-commerce ecosystem is a reliable source of insights on translating KPIs into strategy goals. It also delivers a prioritized backlog of improvements that ensure low hanging fruit to be harvested.

Typically, the areas covered by an e-commerce health check are:

  • UX and user journey
  • Traffic sources, share and quality
  • Conversion rate-impacting elements
  • AOV-impacting elements
  • Retention strategies
  • Safety and performance
  • Accessibility of the website/app

Equipped with tools to impact the bottom line

As a result of this type of business audit, you should be equipped with a set of tools that impact the bottom line - wisely designed traffic channels, ready-to-implement strategies for increasing customer retention and order frequency that delivers increase in conversion rates and average order value.

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