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We bring tech, content and design together for your e-commerce growth.

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E-commerce growth starts with data and is fuelled by smart and creative brains. We provide both.

  • Imagine your marketing, performance, sales, product and operations data seamlessly provide clear and actionable insights rather than causing headaches across departments.
  • Consider a platform operating smoothly and effectively thanks to code that looks like sushi, not spaghetti.
  • Envision your interface wowing your visitors instead of confusing them.

We are not magicians. We are scientists and creators, and we make all this happen daily thanks to experience and keeping our minds open.

E-commerce services

Pre-implementation analysis

A pre-implementation analysis is a process aimed at finding the ultimate way of delivering the end result. This requires understanding business needs, defining project goals, identifying user requirements, and evaluating whether a given project is feasible, cost-effective, and efficient.

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Development and design

We can help you grow intelligently, no matter where you are with your project. From choosing the ultimate e-commerce platform for your business needs and plans, developing and optimizing the current one, building custom integrations with systems such as ERP, CRM or WMS to designing an outstanding UX that sets you apart from the competition.

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Consultancy and strategy

Our experts can carry out an MVP modelling and a pre-implementation analysis of a new e-commerce project or hold hackathons dedicated to a specific issue that keeps irritating you. With your needs and budget in mind, our team will keep you out of technical debt and create the most effective solution to see your online store not just survive, but thrive.

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Data analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice to know not only who your best customer is but also why they keep coming back?

We’ll use your data to find the answer to that, as well as what margins your customers bring you, and the best way increase the AOV, cart spend and other important metrics. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have that LTV properly calculated?

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E-commerce Healthcheck

E-commerce healthcheck is a specialist evaluation of an e-commerce business based on big-picture KPIs, unique checklists, and ends with a backlog of features to improve performance. It's done once a year or upon major upgrades. Learn more, if you are looking to improve the performance of your e-commerce business.

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How we've helped

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NA-KD: Building a scalable, international ecommerce platform

Using Optimizely ecommerce platform, we worked on developing an online clothing store that combines sustainability in fashion with high-quality technology.

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Online clothing store
Woman with an audio speaker.

Libratone: Building a pixel-perfect website

After making their creative audio technology a thriving business, Libratone needed a website to match.

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Protan’s rapid deployment of an Optimizely-based B2B commerce solution

In 2023, we helped Protan migrate their B2B platform to Optimizely Configured Commerce, improving customer support, driving revenue growth, and unlocking opportunities for international...

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Protan B2B commerce platform on mobile

Development and design

During the pandemic, many e-commerce businesses experienced rapid growth. Yet, for most, it was not sustainable.

Some companies overinvested, being overly optimistic about the long-term change in consumer behaviour. Others outgrew their platforms and are still struggling to implement a sustainable strategy for growth without compromising performance.

If you’ve found yourself in one of these situations, or any other challenge, we'll help you overcome these challenges and get back on track, no matter where your project is at the moment. Whether it’s migrating to a more effective e-commerce platform for your business needs and plans, developing and optimizing the current one, building custom integrations with systems such as ERP, CRM or WMS to designing outstanding UX that puts your competition way behind, we can do it all. Just like we did for Libratone.

Not launched yet? Perfect timing. Consult our experts right now and we will make sure you avoid all the mistakes we have seen businesses make right at their point of launch.

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Consultancy and strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for successful e-commerce, but we can help you discover yours.

Each of our consultants has a minimum of 10 years of experience. We have expertise in pre-implementation analysis and MVP modelling of your e-commerce project. We can suggest an ultimate solution for your needs and budget and make sure you avoid getting into technological debt.

Don't take our word for it: read how we have helped NA–KD solve this exact problem.

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Data analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice to know not only who your best customer is but also what they might be coming back for in future?

Knowing what margins your best customers bring and how to turn them into brand advocates is a potent way to grow your e-commerce business. Find out exactly what your LTV, AOV, CAC and other vital metrics are, once and for all.

Let the numbers do the talking. Or, more precisely: let us help you find the right numbers so that they can talk. We empower mindful data collection and utilization, implement essential tools (not just Google Analytics 4 and Looker Studio) and make sure your data is modelled in a way you can rely on.

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We are a bunch of creative people. Get in touch to talk about your project!

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Technologies we specialize in

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We harness top technologies to make your online business grow seamlessly. Thanks to our tech-agnostic approach, we recommend tools that are optimal in your situation and don't limit your expansion.

You can trust us; we know how to fulfil the expectations of even large companies, and we have case studies to prove it!

E-commerce platforms

Your e-commerce platform is the home of your online store, but not all platforms are equal. We’ll find a future proof solution for your business that puts your virtual assets, digital sales, and marketing all in one place.

We rely on tools like:

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Headless CMS

Execute your omnichannel content strategy across any application or platform with a headless CMS. Work more efficiently, get better results and use your marketing data in a more effective manner.

We use technologies like:

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Why NoA Ignite?

Responsibility, not “ka-ching and goodbye”.

We take responsibility for our work. From strategy to development and on-going growth, if we’re on board, we are on your team. There is a reason why most of our clients stay with us for 3+ years.

You + us = a team, not adversaries.

We provide expertise, but nobody knows your business better than you. We believe that successful projects are products of close collaboration. Working towards your goal, we try to be as close to your internal team as your corporate culture allows. If we understand you as a company and individuals, we can combine our skills with yours to create real value for your business.

Curiosity, openness and trust, not hidden agenda.

If things go wrong, you’ll be the first to know. If we come up with a revolutionary idea that could accelerate your business and give you an impressive and competitive advantage, you’ll also be the first one to know. What makes us different is that we often come across as ‘nosey’, but we consider it to be an advantage. We simply treat each project like it was our baby, making sure it grows to be a source of pride for all its creators.

Diversity and unity, not rat race.

Each of us is different, on your team and ours. It can be a challenge to embrace and work with many individual personalities, but there is a method in this madness. By creating an environment where out-of-the-box ideas aren’t dismissed, we move forward together and can treat every win as a reason for collective celebration.

Meet our experts

Get to know the humans you’ll work with before you speak to them. Their expertise is built on a career in the industry which we invite you to learn more about on their respected LinkedIn profiles.

e-Commerce Strategist at NoA Ignite

Małgorzata Radkiewicz

e-Commerce Strategist

Małgorzata’s 15 years of experience have seen her delivering effective solutions to ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes across the EU and UK. Małgorzata is experienced in brand positioning, traffic and ecommerce sales analytics and leading ecommerce teams and projects for B2B and D2C businesses.


Szymon Heliosz, Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist at NoA Ignite

Szymon Heliosz

Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist

Szymon is our man with a plan. His extensive 15-year experience in UX design, business strategy, and client development means he’s more than earned his stripes in leading and shaping user-centric strategies. Far from being a dictator, Szymon excels by connecting the dots between stakeholders. His ability to facilitate insightful interviews means he delivers what your business needs, not what you think it needs.


Kjetil Løvlie, Strategic Advisor at NoA Ignite

Kjetil Løvlie

Strategic Advisor

Kjetil helps companies become digitally mature. He is particularly concerned with customer data and the good use of it in customer communication while, at the same time, focusing on technology and data being used responsibly and sustainably. Before joining NoA Ignite, Kjetil had worked with CRM, marketing automation and sales solutions, i.a., as a Head of Marketing Personalization at Norwegian Air.


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Other services

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Strategy and Innovation

  • Digital Strategy
  • Innovation Process
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical advisory
  • Ecommerce strategy
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Experience Design

  • Audit & Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Prototyping and User Testing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Copywriting & Content translation
  • UX writing
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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

  • Platform strategy & architecture
  • Cloud services
  • Customer Data & personalisation
  • Data & Integrations
  • Analytics & optimisations
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Enterprise CMS

  • CMS advisory, platform selection
  • Web development
  • 24/7 Support and Customer Success support
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