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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

DXPs are the very heart of offering. This digital ecosystem of different solutions is the core of a long-term strategy for businesses to improve their operations and boost customer satisfaction.

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DXPs merge software solutions, such as CMS’s, e-commerce sites, and intranets into a coordinated ecosystem. The architecture is flexible and enables the integration of other solutions, data analytics, or optimisation tools. Different APIs exchange data between the solutions. Customers have a consistent experience on different touchpoints such as web, mobile or other devices.

What are the benefits of a DXP?

It increases efficiency and effectiveness

Easy data exchange allows an efficient analysis of customer data. Thanks to the insights coming from those data, you can quickly make adjustments to increase customer engagement.

It improves the user experience

Every user interaction with your brand is consistent, no matter which device your customers use (web, mobile, AR, Internet of Things, etc.). DXPs are a good way to boost brand engagement and user retention.

It is future-proof

The flexible architecture make it easy to add new features, tools or other components in the future. Thanks to API layers, your platform will carry on to smoothly exchange data and work efficiently.

How to build a DXP ?

There are two main approaches to building a DXP.
We design and deliver the approach that is most suitable for our client's needs.

Single-stack DXP

This approach features different solutions from the same vendor. They are designed to meet most business needs:

  • Content management system
  • eCommerce platform
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Connectors other back-office systems

This approach ensures an easy integration and less errors in the setup of the DXP. We work with the following vendors: Acquia, Adobe, Optimizely, Liferay and Sitecore

Headless DXP

DXPs with a headless set-up are customised platforms that only contain the solutions your business really needs. The architecture is based on an API-layer and allows for an easy and flexible integration of the right products.

Headless or lean DXPs take care of the business logic and allow you to customise user touchpoints. Thanks to this flexibility, you can exactly create the experience you want to offer to your customers.

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