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Born in the Nordics, here to positively impact businesses and humans across the globe.

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Your powerhouse for digital growth

NoA Ignite is a hybrid organisation that combines a software house's expertise with a digital agency's creative capabilities. Our team comprises over 450 digital specialists working across five countries. We are your forward-thinking technology partner, enabling you to put your digital ideas to work.

We combine pioneering technology with the power of human craft to build end-to-end digital experiences. Electrolux, Coop, NA-KD and Jotun are just a few examples of brands that trusted us and succeeded with our help.

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NoA Ignite services: strategy & innovation, technology, content, experience design

Full-service partner for digital experiences

NoA Ignite is an international team of digital strategists, designers and tech specialists, along with content and data experts.

We offer a full range of services from strategy and experience design through implementation to comprehensive data analysis. We use best-in-class martech solutions to create digital experience platforms using CMS, eCommerce, DAM and PIM tools to help clients succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Who we are

450+ employees

Total headcount of NoA Ignite includes 450 talents workng with clients in global projects.

Founding year: 2000

NoA Ignite was established in 2000. We were formerly known as Making Waves.

5 offices

Our offices are in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London, and Krakow.

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NoA Ignite, a North Alliance Member

The North Alliance is one of the largest digital groups in Europe. NoA's collaborative entrepreneurship unites strategic transformation, consulting, advertising, digital products, brand experiences, and data-driven marketing.

Working with us, you can count on a support of 27 agencies within The North Alliance (almost 1300 smart people based in Northern Europe). We work together to deliver a broad spectrum of services in technology, design, communications and advertising.

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Our values


Our international team embraces individual differences, promotes diversity, and maintains an environment of openness, acceptance, and respect.


We move forward together. Every win is a collective one.


We trust the skills and good intentions of our colleagues and clients, and always communicate in an open and transparent way.


We bring excitement and energy into the work we do. We offer everyone the freedom to explore different fields to improve themselves and our service offering.

Our company culture is influenced by our Scandinavian roots

We want our people to have the feeling they are at home in our company. We believe that our employees’ happiness, engagement and sense of involvement have a positive effect on the work they do.

Our people get a lot of autonomy, which is a great motivator for self-development. It also empowers our employees to take responsibility and foster close relationships with our clients. This way, we offer the best service to our clients and continue to grow as a team and company.

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Green Guide for greener digital services

Sustainability is a central part of our services, so you don’t have to worry about your eco-friendliness in the digital space. Businesses that do not take sustainability and the green shift seriously will lose their competitive edge in the future.

In our green guide, you'll find essential information about development, design, content, as well as project management on how to create more environmentally friendly digital services.

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Year-round commitment to social impact

At our core, we're dedicated to making a positive impact. Through initiatives like "Burn for Money", we convert our employees' physical activity into points, based on which we donate monthly to various charities. Recent beneficiaries include organizations like Polska Akcja Humanitarna and Foundation Zobacz…Jestem.

We also hold Charitable Auctions biannually, where our staff auction their homemade crafts or services, with the proceeds going to selected charities.

We have a long-standing commitment to NGOs supporting women and the LGBT community, such as the Women's Rights Centre and Cracowian Equality Centre. We're also involved in initiatives like Szlachetna Paczka, helping families in need, and Poland Business Run, which aids people with mobility disabilities.

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Your voice matters: safe reporting at NoA Group

At NoA, we value honesty and support. We understand that ensuring a safe and supportive environment is crucial for all our employees and stakeholders. If you encounter or hear about any misconduct within the NoA Group, we encourage you to step forward. We offer multiple channels for reporting, including an anonymous form. Your voice is key to keeping our workplace ethical.


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