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How to make sure your e-commerce is healthy

75% of online stores fail to notice the precise reason for underdelivering on a particular KPI.
Read on to see how not to become one of them.

Check health of your e-commerce with us!

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A healthy e-commerce

Think of an e-commerce website as an organism. Like your own body, for example. Just as we are healthy if all our health metrics are within the norm, like blood pressure and pulse, the same way key e-commerce metrics should be regularly checked and monitored.

These include CR (conversion rate), CAC (customer acquisition cost), CTR (click-through rate), BR (bounce rate), TCO (total cost of ownership) and many more. Some of them can be monitored via Google Analytics, while checking others would require a connection with a BI system.

What can you expect from a healthcheck of your online store?

  • Reliable advice of your KPI’s transition into strategy goals and vice versa
  • A well-structured backlog of changes that should be implemented with regard to each one’s priority and contribution to your desired goals
  • Clear instruction on how to secure the resources to have the backlog executed
  • Estimation of investment into the backlog execution
  • Estimation of projected extra revenue that the changes will generate
Components of the E-commerce Health Check: AOV, Retention, Traffic, Safety and performance, Conversion rate, and Accessibility.

Do you actually need a healthcheck or not?

Before me move on, let us make sure we understand the basic distinction between two key actions required to maintain a healthy level of your e-commerce metrics: the healthcheck and the monitoring.


  • Continuous and regular
  • Seasonal KPI-based
  • Requires a unified toolset
  • Adjusted seasonally by a specialist
  • Problem-spotting can be done by anyone with basic analytical training


  • Done once a year or upon a major feature / business model upgrade
  • Based on big-picture KPIs such as revenue growth or international expansion
  • Requires a deep understanding of the business model and competetive position of the company
  • Always done by a specialist
  • Requires a checklist unique to each business
  • Ends with a backlog of features to be changed, implemented or upgraded

How to health-check your e-commerce?

Just as you would turn to a doctor to check your own health, on this occasion consult a specialist too. This is my strong suggestion since a fresh, non-biased eye paired with years of experience will serve your goals much better than any procedure you could perform in- house. Here are 3 main reasons why it makes sense:

Fresh eye

someone who has not been involved in development of your current strategy may see what has been previously dismissed an overlooked


an external expert will not be driven by your company’s internal politics. Instead, they will point out all improvements opportunities as well as flaws without fearing to disturb someone with the findings


for someone who had worked on hundreds of projects before certain elements will be obvious straight away. They will also be able to join the dots much quicker than someone who spent a lot of time on one project only.

Uncover hidden growth opportunities for your e-commerce.

Are you struggling with growing your online business?

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e-Commerce Strategist at NoA Ignite

Małgorzata Radkiewicz

e-Commerce Strategist

Małgorzata’s 15 years of experience have seen her delivering effective solutions to ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes across the EU and UK. Małgorzata is experienced in brand positioning, traffic and ecommerce sales analytics and leading ecommerce teams and projects for B2B and D2C businesses.

+44 7930 140 293


Dorian Pożyczka, Digital Analyst at NoA Ignite

Dorian Pożyczka

Digital Analyst

Dorian is an adamant believer in the data-driven approach. For over 10 years, he’s been involved in marketing in the IT sector, where he’s been mainly dealing with the implementation and operation of diverse analytical systems. He knows the Google ecosystem inside-out.


Szymon Heliosz, Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist at NoA Ignite

Szymon Heliosz

Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist

Szymon is our man with a plan. His extensive 15-year experience in UX design, business strategy, and client development means he’s more than earned his stripes in leading and shaping user-centric strategies. Far from being a dictator, Szymon excels by connecting the dots between stakeholders. His ability to facilitate insightful interviews means he delivers what your business needs, not what you think it needs.

+48 882 433 229


Success stories

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Innovation in digital training for the health industry

Having pioneered research into innovative methods for communicating with schizophrenia sufferers, Lundbeck and Otsuka Medical Alliance needed an innovative and effective way to communicate their findings with healthcare professionals. Through a series of workshops and consultations, Noa Ignite created a viable and effective digital solution.

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Migrating a desktop application to the cloud

WindSim is a Norwegian company operating in the wind power industry that needed to take its complex desktop application to a cloud-enabled platform. With significant planning and strategising, specifically for the technical architecture and UI of the system, WindSim found and implemented their ideal solution thanks to our findings.

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Strategy and content for the MICE industry

Promoting tourism in Norway in over 15 different languages, VisitNorway worked with Noa Ignite to upgrade and expand the functionality of their ‘Meetings & Events’ segment to cater to their growing B2B segment. With an in-depth audit and implementation of our trusted solutions, VisitNorway received a cost-effective MVP of the site in just 4 months.

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