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E-Commerce Health Check: Avoid Stagnation, Drive Growth!

Learn about key elements for a healthy e-commerce: safety, traffic, value, conversion, and retention.

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Discover the secrets to a high-performing online store!

  • Correct traffic channels across various funnel stages
  • Strategies to increase customer retention and order frequency
  • The potential of the search bar to increase conversion rates
  • Best practices for optimising the home page
  • Dos and don’ts for product pages (with real examples!)
  • Tips for boosting AOV
E-commerce Growth formula: Revenue Growth = Traffic x CR x Order Value x Order Frequency.

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Conversion rate – it's all about UX!  

Delighted customers come back more often and spend more. There is no magical formula you need for this. Instead, create an offer your prospects will see, like and accept paired with a seamless and quick purchasing process.

Think accessible and mobile-friendly website layout and content, clear, well-timed messaging, helpful navigation, as well as reliable payment and delivery solutions.

The screen of the NAKD online store with the words: Summer dreaming.
Screen of the online shopping cart.

How to increase average order value (AOV) at cart view

In e-commerce, cart is like the checkout line in a brick-and-mortar store. This is where you could upsell to people who had already added items to cart as well as encourage them to become members. Is your cart view good enough? Is it personalized and optimized?

While thinking of various AOV-increasing elements, make sure you do not overdo it. How to reach the right balance? Watch the webtalk to find out.

Boost customer retention and order frequency 

Making sure your customers come back is one of the cheapest and most effective growth strategies. Are you doing your best on this front? Is your customer base properly segmented and is it being nurtured?

A loyalty program is always a good idea, especially if you can offer some performance-based incentives (e.g., different discount levels based on the number of orders or amount of money spent in your store). Watch the webtalk to see examples of stores that do it right.

Screenshots of online shops: home page on the left, newsletter message on the right.

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What is an E-commerce Health Check? 

It’s a comprehensive audit of an e-commerce website or app that should be done at least once a year or upon a major feature/business upgrade.

  • Done once a year or upon a major feature / business model upgrade
  • Based on big-picture KPIs such as revenue growth or international expansion
  • Requires a deep understanding of the business model and competetive position of the company
  • Requires a checklist unique to each business
  • Ends with a backlog of features to be changed, implemented or upgraded
Components of the E-commerce Health Check: AOV, Retention, Traffic, Safety and performance, Conversion rate, and Accessibility.

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e-Commerce Strategist

Małgorzata’s 15 years of experience have seen her delivering effective solutions to ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes across the EU and UK. Małgorzata is experienced in brand positioning, traffic and ecommerce sales analytics and leading ecommerce teams and projects for B2B and D2C businesses.


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