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Green guide

Green guide

Chapter 4: For project managers

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This is how you, as a project manager or advisor, can contribute to creating sustainable digital solutions

In our industry green computing is not something the customer usually orders – yet. Here, as project manager, you have a responsibility to make the customer aware of what green computing is, and what it can mean for energy consumption.

Green code is the opportunity of tech industry to take part in the green shift. The fact that there are no formal requirements for sustainability in our industry today does not mean that there will not be such in the future.

As project manager you are responsible for balancing a number of different requirements for the project. The most common thing is to ensure that the balance between time, quality and cost is good.

In addition, you are primarily responsible for ensuring that the digital solutions that are created are sustainable and optimise for a low carbon footprint, through well-thought-out design and content, healthy code and the use of the right technology.

Therefore, you must ensure that all the resources in the project have sustainability competence in their fields.

You can ensure that the framework for the project is green right from the start by setting green computing as one of the KPIs. Thus, it can become a guideline for choices made during the project.