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Green guide

Green guide

Chapter 1: For Everyone — Intro to green computing

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The world's top scientists agree: The climate crisis is upon us. The UN warns of "code red" for humankind and declares the necessity to act now.

The laws are changing. European Green Deal contains, among other things, a climate act that establishes by law the goal of the EU becoming climate neutral by 2050. This gives sustainable companies an advantage, while businesses that do not take sustainability and the green shift seriously will lose competitiveness in the future.

"It is no longer just about gaining a competitive advantage in the green shift, but that requirements for sustainable solutions have become business-critical."

Petter Gulli

Sustainable brand advisor and writer

What is green computing?

Green computing, or green data processing, is about designing, constructing, producing, using and disposing of computing devices and their resources in an environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible way.

Sustainability is a central part of NoA Ignite's services

1. Sustainability as a service area
Digital ecosystems and services are important for success and NoA Ignite is clearly well-positioned within this service area. Because the green shift means that many organisations are looking for new business models and solutions that contribute to lower resource use and underpin a circular economy, this has become a significant part of our deliveries.

2. Sustainability "by design"
Technology and digital solutions have a significant carbon footprint through cloud storage and energy consumption. With well-thought-out design, efficient and clear content, healthy code and the use of the right technology, we ensure that the digital solutions we deliver are sustainable and optimised.

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