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Your guide to the development of sustainable digital services

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We live in a time characterised by high-temperature records, forest fires and acid rains, rising levels of seas that soon will contain more plastic than fish, by grain shortages and by uncertainty. It can make the most optimistic of us see red, quoting the UN. Still, it is a consolation that the EU has identified digitisation as a critical enabler for the green shift. We hope this guide can serve as a reference work for you who are concerned with reducing your own footprint in coding, design, content and project management.

We have three goals with this guide:

  1. To give you an insight into green computing so that you can create more environmentally friendly digital services.
  2. To give you a reference work with tips, tools and examples that you can use in your everyday life.
  3. To create something that lives on, that is dynamic and develops in step with our times and people.

We hope you will be inspired and motivated, and - not to mention - a little wiser about how you can contribute to reducing emissions. Enjoy your reading!

Resources and tools

Check which data centre is used for a webpage
Hosting Checker

Find a green data centre
The Green Web Foundation – The Green Hosting Directory

Check colour contrast for universal design
Stark (Figma-plugin)

Compress images

Calculate carbon emissions for a webpage
Website Carbon Calculator

Measure a webpage's weight/size
PageSpeed Insights

Use greener methods and tools
The Circular Design Guide – Methods

Optimise Search Engines (SEO)
Google Search Console

Use plain language
General writing tips for plain language
This is how you write in plain language in digital solutions