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NoA Ignite: Where rejoining feels like coming home

September 19, 2023 / 4 min read

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Returning to an old workplace can be challenging. You may have many questions and doubts. See why we always take care of good relations with our employees (even the former ones) and are always willing to consider hiring them again.

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Employees quit their jobs for a number of reasons. Most often, they feel the need for change, new experiences and self-development. And while goodbyes are always hard, we would never want to hold anyone back. That's why we always wish the employee who wants to leave good luck on a new career path. We are also happy to give them a glowing letter of recommendation for their future employer.

However, we always try to understand the real reason for leaving the company. If it's something we as a company have control over, our goal is always to solve the problem first so that the employee can make an informed decision on whether they want to stay or not. We believe honest feedback and a true willingness to remedy the situation can make everything much easier.

Why coming back to NoA is possible and pain-free?

There is one crucial principle to keep in mind: Always try to be a good employer. The one that your former employees would like to come back to. That’s what Mariusz, our employee who decided to work with us again after a few years, said about this transition:

“My comeback to NoA Ignite? Well – this company gave me a huge opportunity and helped me to grow from Junior .NET Developer into a Senior Managerial role in just eight years. Combine that with some fantastic people, whom I can proudly call my friends, great social life, and attention to work-life balance, which is super important for a father of four. Plus, I have a great place to work, grow, party, and simply be in, which helps to make such a comeback decision.”

You're always welcame back

The importance of the offboarding process

This process is sometimes referred to as an exit interview. At the end of the contract, we invite the employee to a meeting to find out more about their decision. During such a meeting, we talk in a relaxed atmosphere and ask for feedback on their work and previous experiences. More importantly, we never push anyone to reveal more than they feel comfortable with.

We ask if the projects were attractive, whether they liked working in a team, what was good and what could be improved. This knowledge gives us a chance to make necessary changes.

We also have a nice farewell gift that we give at the end of an exit interview. That's our way of saying, "It's not goodbye; it's we hope to see you again!"

See what our colleague, Szymon, who also returned to the company after a few months, had to say:

“Leaving NoA Ignite was an eye-opening experience that made me appreciate the genuine warmth and support I had at the company. I went out seeking new challenges, but I quickly realised that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Now that I'm back at NoA, I feel like I've come home – where I can grow and make a real impact with the people who truly care about my success. Sometimes, you have to wander to find what has already been in front of you all along.”

We encourage all employees to keep in touch with their colleagues from the company. Sometimes, we organise open events to which our former employees are always invited. After all, apart from the fact that we are colleagues, we are also good friends who care about maintaining the relationships that were formed when we were working together.

Moreover, we always officially say goodbye to an employee during monthly Employee Meetings and in our internal newsletter. people talking

Continuous feedback and improvements not only in projects

We constantly grow and strive to be attractive to our former employees. We want to be the change they want. That’s why we make sure to carefully analyse the feedback we receive from our employees during offboarding, and we try to introduce changes that make us a better workplace.

This is what Maciek, our employee who also decided to come back to us after changing his job, wrote about the development opportunities:

“My return to NoA Ignite was dictated by the desire to develop technical skills with the support of the team. Working in a friendly atmosphere and knowing that you can count on your colleagues in any situation is very helpful in maintaining motivation for change and the willingness to introduce new solutions. Thanks to this, changes are introduced quickly and safely, and this increases the possibilities of self-development and learning new technologies, which is crucial in IT.”

We understand that the employee may be afraid that returning to work will entail some unpleasant experiences or remarks. That's not the way we work. With us, the employee is greeted with kindness and understanding. We are looking forward to working together again, and the return is always perceived as a success of the company. For us, it's proof we've become such an attractive place to work that the employee decided to return. And that's the best recommendation you can imagine!


Yes, this article is about going back to NoA. But if you’ve never worked with us, we invite you to consider applying to us! Start your NoA Ignite Poland adventure, and see where it will take you! Please check out who we are looking for right now – perhaps we’re looking for you! :)

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Martyna Kadela, People & Communication Specialist at NoA Ignite

Martyna Kadela

People & Communication Specialist

Martyna is an experienced specialist who takes care of our employees’ wellbeing. She also organises many events and integration initiatives, as well as oversees CSR matters at NoA Ignite. Privately, she’s interested in psychology, astrology and fashion.

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