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How to achieve Boundless Digital Invention with Optimizely

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Digital Experience (DX) is a hot trend in the world of modern marketing. Optimizely, a leader in the martech landscape, during Opticon 2022 announced a new approach to their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that is designed to eliminate frustrations, improve inclusive collaboration, increase customer foresight, and drive confident content creation. Will Boundless Digital Invention disrupt DX and reinvent how marketers make science-led decisions that drive outcomes? Let’s take a look! 

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New era in Digital Experience

Unlimit your marketing – this is the strapline that guides and inspires Optimizely. At its core, Optimizely’s DX Platform was always all about collaboration, experimentation, and seamless content creation.  

Late 2022, during Opticon series of conferences around the world, Optimizely announced they are taking these key elements to the next level to deliver frictionless and personalized customer experience at scale. Announcing Boundless Digital Invention, Optimizely’s goals are to enable and promote features such as:

  • Orchestration using a single, comprehensive DXP that manages the full content lifecycle
  • Monetization through relevant and well-designed commerce experiences
  • Experimentation with modern tools and products such as WebTesting, Feature Flags and Personalization 

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This reinvented DXP aims on improving every digital touchpoint to deliver exceptional customer experience with a promise of boundless possibilities and infinite outcomes. 

In this piece we’ll showcase Optimizely’s growth and explain what kind of benefits can tapping into Boundless Digital Invention bring to your digital marketing activities. 

What is Optimizely? 

Let’s start with some background first.  

Optimizely is a digital experience platform (DXP). It is recognised by Gartner as a Leader in the DXP landscape. Among competitive vendors, they were evaluated against their ability to execute and ranked as top performers. 

Optimizely proudly names them as ‘the most scientifically confident digital experience platform for the entire digital experience team’. With a science-led mindset, they build their technology around a comprehensive martech offering that supercharges decision making and customer understanding.

Challenging goals

Optimizely’s recent announcement dispelled doubts – the goal of the company is to be a first choice DXP, delivering both unrivalled digital experiences for the users, as well as next-level capabilities and toolset for digital marketers. 

"A great customer experience requires a great marketer experience. If we’re to imagine a world where marketers and digital teams are unlimited in what they can accomplish, we have to reinvent how marketing works. It’s high time for a real digital experience platform (DXP)"

How Optimizely plans to achieve this ambitious goal? By delivering Boundless Digital Invention

Unlimit your marketing

Digital marketers nowadays face increasing number of challenges, with changing customer expectations, growing number of tools and systems to leverage, as well as hardships of collaboration with engineering and product teams being named as most important issues to resolve. With new and extended capabilities, Optimizely aims on helping the marketing crowd with reducing complexity in order to deliver science-based results.  

The key elements of Boundless Digital Invention by Optimizely are: 

  • Content marketing
  • Content management
  • B2B Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • Web Experimentation
  • Feature Experimentation

The core of Optimizely’s DXP was always built around experimentation, creativity and content creation and distribution. In this new digital reality, Boundless Digital Invention is to support marketers in customer understanding at scale and speed. How? By enriching the art of marketing with data-driven science.  

Specifically, this promise to unlimit your marketing is leveraging three core pillars:  


Optimizely is delivering a single Digital Experience Platform that is manages full content lifecycle in a comprehensive manner. This way, digital marketing teams can do everything in one place – seamlessly plan, create, publish, and manage content in a single, coherent environment. 


Creating and managing content is important, but todays the emphasis is often put on the money side of marketing. With Optimizely, marketing teams can maximise the impact on the bottom line by leveraging modern commerce product that take both B2B and B2C revenue to the next level. 


For many years Optimizely’s DXP has been known as a leader in delivering a vast variety of tools and products that support marketers in testing, gathering data driven insights and optimizing experiences. Web Testing, Feature Flags and Personalization are the products that facilitate experimentation in real-time. Read more about the "painted door" tests in Optimizely's Web Experimentation here:

More than Boundless

If you, as we do, find the concepts of orchestration, monetization, and experimentation interesting, then for sure you’ll love the other features of this leading DXP. Aiming to be Boundless and Digital, Optimizely is fueling inventions, sparking creativity, and designing an experience that translates to tangible monetary results. Our personal two favorite tools are the Data Platform and Recommendations. 

Optimizely Data Platform

Data is the foundation of modern marketing. Having access to data, understanding it, deriving meaningful insights, and automating the experience based on key findings – that’s the Holy Grail of every digital marketing team. 

Optimizely Data Platform does all the heavy lifting by: 

  • harmonizing the customer data by one-click integrations of all channels, 
  • allowing to understand your clients and adopting to their behavior in real-time,
  • supporting analysis with AI-powered predictive tools that take care about attribution and personalization.

Thanks to that, it is simple to activate even the most complicated omnichannel campaigns, segment your audience basing on deep customer insights and predictive recommendations, as well as to put your user in the center of every marketing activity by leveraging one, actionable customer profile. 

Optimizely Recommendations

Often, marketers struggle to understand what kind of content will convert and drive revenue. With AI-powered Recommendations, it is easy to grasp the performance of each campaign without manual and mundane work. Thanks to this big data analysis in real-time, your activity can stay relevant, and you can make informed decisions that prove ROI. 

Here’s a few areas where Recommendations come handy: 

  • web content
  • email content
  • search and navigation
  • targeting and retargeting
  • reporting
  • product-led campaigns and much more!

The Digital Experience of the future

It is clear that Optimizely is on a mission to help the marketing people unlock their digital potential. Through Boundless Digital Invention, Optimizely’s comprehensive platform reinvents the way teams innovate, deliver experiences and generate revenue via creative and data driven marketing activities. This combination of science-led confidence and hyper-personalization at scale translates to a tempting pool of benefits to tap into. 

If you want to find out, how Alexander Atzberger from Optimizely explains Boundless Digital Invention, click here.

At NoA Ignite, we’ve been leveraging Optimizely’s DXP to build sophisticated marketing solutions in a simple way. If you’re thinking about how and if you could use Optimizely to enrich your customer lifetime value, grow your brand and ultimately boost revenue of your organization, we’re happy to explain the ways to get there

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Greg Kalucki, Chief Commercial Officer at NoA Ignite

Greg Kałucki

Chief Commercial Officer

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