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Trusted advisor for the entire Optimizely One

We'll help you maximize your investment in Optimizely DXP to achieve higher ROI. From day one, we'll guide your team and provide constant support.

Understanding your business needs comes first and allows us to advise you on how to leverage Optimizely DxP to align with your business goals.

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Our Expertise

Unlock peak performance for your Optimizely DXP with the help of our experts. We ensure you make full use of every feature to meet your business goals and achieve a higher ROI.

We specialise in maximising your DXP’s potential by developing custom features, creating personalisation strategies and integrating with your martech tools. You benefit from our experience building on Optimizely CMS, from public websites to enterprise solutions like Intranets, Extranets, and Learning Platforms.

Beyond implementation, you get strategic advice, training, and support to expand your teams’ efficiency. With our 20 years of experience and client successes, such as Jotun, IB, and Matprat, we’re here to help you take your platform to the next level.

Are you facing challenges with web experiments that don’t deliver the results you need? Improve your approach with our expert testing strategies and implementation. We guide you through designing experiments and forming hypotheses to give you actionable insights and discover the best optimisations.

Specialising in both front-end and back-end testing using Optimizely Experiments, we help you test everything from visual changes to functionality and offer continuous advice for optimising across web, mobile, and other connected devices.

Trusted by global brands like NA-KD and TRM, we know how to get the most out of your Optimizely Experiments.

If your business is engaged with end consumers or other businesses, our custom solutions help bridge the gap.

For your B2B operations, we handle everything from wholesale orders and logistics to customer-specific pricing and order digitisation. Our experts take the time to understand and map each of your processes to build a platform that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

And for B2C, we boost your conversions and customer lifetime value and help expand your online presence.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders like NA-KD, The Royal Mint, Coop, and Protan to develop solutions that to thrive in multimarket and multicurrency environments. By integrating with your existing ERP, CRM, and martech tools through Optimizely, we are here to push the boundaries of your current commerce experience.

Tackle complex data across your multiple channels and customer touchpoints with Optimizely Data Platform. We help you integrate ODP into your tech stack and turn your scattered data into a unified, actionable asset.

Having a unified view of your data unlocks the power of personalised marketing strategies by creating comprehensive customer profiles, which can be used to deliver customer-specific content and campaigns in real-time.

See the results for yourself with our client Jotun, who utilised ODP to connect their systems to create an integrated customer experience and facilitate data-driven customer journeys.




18 years

of partnership


Certified Optimizely Experts


Professionals proficient with Optimizely

Optimizely Services

Digital strategy

A well-planned digital strategy helps plan an effective platform creation roadmap, direct other business objectives, create a better foundation to achieve your business goals. 

Platform strategy & architecture

The right platform architecture futureproofs your marketing and sales strategies, while a platform strategy ensures that you’re using the right tool for the right job.

Optimizely development

Whether you need a dedicated Optimizely team or an entire project, we deliver commerce solutions that are safe, scalable and effective. 

Upgrade to CMS 12

We’ve successfully guided many of our clients, from small sites to large solutions, through their CMS upgrades.

Experimentation & optimisation

Take a strategic approach to fine-tuning what already works, and use your own data combined with industry standard practices to fine new opportunities.

24/7 support

Our experienced team is on call around the clock to sort your issues out in the rare event they arise. Know that you’re protected with our automated monitoring and reporting of any issue your product may encounter. 

Editorial support

The role of marketers and editors is overlooked a dangerous amount. Get support with editorial process training or workshops on content creation and publication to better support your marketing and business goals.


We facilitate the strategic transition to a new, more advanced platform, ensuring minimal disruption, data integrity, and enhanced future scalability and performance.

We’re among Europe’s leading Optimizely platform experts, and we’re ready to help you today.

Why choose NoA?

We specialise in CMS and web development, designing and maintaining custom solutions created to suit the unique needs of your B2C or B2B business.

Our expertise covers the entire project from websites to E-commerce strategies, and includes extranets, intranets, and brand portals – all built on the Optimizely ecosystem.

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Strategic Mindset

Tried and tested expert strategies to maximise your Optimizely One to its fullest potential.

Decades of Optimizely Mastery

Over 20 years of project experience with Optimizely.

Clients with Global Presence.

We manage web projects across 120 markets, focusing stakeholder and expectation management, technical architecture and local market roll-outs.


Of our clients stay with us for over a year. We create long-term strategic partnerships that work for you.

Meet our Optimizely experts 

Marcin Żak, Senior Systems Consultant at NoA Ignite

Marcin Żak

Senior Systems Consultant

An accomplished developer certified in Optimizely Experimentation, CMS and Commerce. He offers 10+ years of dedicated Optimizely experience.

Szymon Heliosz, Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist at NoA Ignite

Szymon Heliosz

Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist

An experienced business strategist with 10+ years in digital product development, specialising in end-to-end solutions for B2B and B2C markets.


Szymon Roter, Technical Leader at NoA Ignite

Szymon Roter

Technical Leader

An expert in CMS and DXP, he specialises in developing large-scale custom systems for global brands hosted across various environments.


e-Commerce Strategist at NoA Ignite

Małgorzata Radkiewicz

e-Commerce Strategist

A senior e-commerce and CRO expert with 16 years of international experience in online revenue growth.


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5 project rating clutch

Their developers did a tremendous job. They really know their field and are very strong in Optimizely CMS and Optimizely Commerce expertise.

Naveed Ul-Haq

Technical Lead at The Royal Mint

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