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NoA Ignite gets fit for charity – summary of 2017 results

January 17, 2018 / 3 min read

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Any charity action carried out within a company’s social corporate responsibility (CSR) is worthy in itself, of course. But is it possible to combine charity with a second purpose that would benefit the company’s employees in return? That was the idea behind NoA Ignite’ initiative called Burn for Money.

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Beyond all expectations

The end of the year is a great time to identify and evaluate the successes of the preceding 12 months. When it comes to the results of NoA Ignite’ combined charity and fitness initiative, we could not be prouder.

During 2017: an average of 30 people participated in the program every month,

registering a total of almost 40,000 kilometres, and 4,500 active hours.

This translates to 12,000 PLN contributed to local organisations and people in need!

The yearly results show that many Wavemakers practice sport regularly – but some clearly take it extra seriously and enjoy a tougher challenge. Our long-distance cyclists for example – by pedalling for more than 75 days, added no less than 30,000 points (more than a half) to the yearly total. Impressive!

There is no wonder that the second place went to the kilometres burnt running. It is a very popular sport in general, you can practice it everywhere and it does not cost a penny. Our awesome runners reached a total distance of 10 marathons, and they did it in less than 500 hours. Almost the same result was achieved by our hikers and walkers – so you can see that those who prefer to walk do not save themselves 😉

Of course, at NoA Ignite we also have a fair selection of health related benefits, including gym abos as well. A quick look at further disciplines reveals that our staff make a good use of their sports cards, practicing weight lifting, aerobics, pilates, cross-fit, indoor cycling and squash. What you may not know is that we also have employees who practise boxing and attend dancing classes regularly.

Every contribution counts

Burn for Money is for everyone – it is not a competition but rather a way to do something together for a good cause.

Contributing to this action gives people a reason to be more active. Even if you do not do extreme sports or spend three hours a day in a gym, you can still record your daily steps, stretching or yoga class and by doing that regularly your body will thank you soon. Those who are less active can simply register their walk or cycle ride to the office, for example. Every contribution counts!

January is usually the month when the local gyms and swimming pools are flooded with people and their New Year’s resolutions.. but they will start to empty out already somewhere during February or March. Burn for Money helps you make sure that you stay motivated throughout the year, by entering a friendly competition and turning your sweat into a real help for those who need it.

About Burn for Money CSR Initiative

NoA Ignite’ initiative was launched in 2016, with the double intention to give to charity and encourage staff to get involved – and perhaps a bit fitter. It is very simple: Depending on the amount of exercise participating employees do, NoA Ignite makes a donation to organizations or individuals in need. So the more we move, the more we give.

This is how it works: Employees who want to contribute measure their sports activities with the Strava, Runkeeper or Endomondo app. Using the point system illustrated below, we register kilometers for activities where distance can be easily determined (cycling, running, skating, walking etc.) and time for other activities (fitness, gym, swimming, tennis, football, volleyball, climbing etc.)

  • Cycling – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Running – 2 pt for 1 km
  • Walking – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Skating – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Scooter – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Other – 1 pt for 10 min

For every five points, NoA Ignite decided to donate 1 zloty to a chosen charity. The beneficiary is appointed at the end of the month by one of the program participants selected in a blind draw.

Invitation to collaborate

NoA Ignite would be delighted to cooperate with other companies that are interested in similar charity actions. We may also be able to help local companies with the technology or know-how needed for similar CSR action.

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