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Putting people first: candidate experience at NoA Ignite

October 31, 2023 / 3 min read

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Nowadays, candidate experience has become a popular topic. However, it’s frequently neglected by employers. Read the article and discover our approach.

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We believe that the candidate's experience of the entire recruitment process should be among the top priorities for any employer. Candidate experience starts very early, exactly when a given person learns about the existence of a given company that they perceive as a potential employer. Then it continues until the end of the onboarding process. It is obvious that these early stages can have a huge impact on the way a given person sees your company.

Why is candidate experience in recruitment so important?

Regardless of whether the candidate becomes an employee of your company or not, he or she will form an opinion about the company based on their experiences, which they will next surely share with those around them – friends and family. That’s a big part of the importance of a positive candidate experience.

Positive feelings that your candidates have, not only help build the relationship between the candidate and the employer, but also have a significant impact on the employer's brand and the company's reputation. Also, you cannot forget that good candidate experience is an introduction to employee experience, so it’s definitely a long-term thing.

Candidate experience: Best practices

In order to take care of your candidates, you need to understand their needs. That is why it is so important to listen carefully to their candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, as well as to benefit from available market research in this area.

Take a look at the chart below, and see what are candidates’ experiences versus what they actually experience during the recruitment process:

wykres candidate experience_What good practices do specialists expect, and what do they experience in recruitment processes?

What do we offer at NoA Ignite?

At NoA, we understand that there is no company without people. Every candidate is important. We want our future employees to feel comfortable at every step along the way to working with us.

We listen to our candidates’ needs

We try to be flexible and approach the needs of both our employees and candidates individually. We are always open to discussion and analysing new ideas with an open mind.

We are transparent and honest

Both our job ads and recruitment process are straightforward and contain all the necessary information a candidate needs to assess whether they want to apply. Of course, you can ask our recruiters any additional questions, and they will always do their best to answer them fully.

We value good communication

At every stage of our recruitment process, we return with feedback as quickly as possible. We realise how important it is for our candidates to know what’s going on. The dates of recruitment interviews are set together with the candidate, and the recruiter provides the necessary tips on how to prepare for the interview.

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We care about a friendly atmosphere

We know how stressful looking for a job can be; that's why we care about a friendly, positive atmosphere. Our recruiters' task is to help the candidate present themselves in the best possible way.

We respect the candidate's valuable time

We make every effort to ensure that our recruitment processes are short and well-thought-out. We won’t ask you to do three trial tasks and five meetings with our team; we value your time!

Do you like our approach? Come work with us!

Looking for a job can be stressful and time-consuming. We know that, and we want to make this process as easy and short as possible. Our candidates are treated fairly and with empathy; that's why the vast majority of them feel satisfied with the candidate experience at NoA Ignite. We are exactly the same when it comes to our employees, both current and former ones! Read more about why employees are returning to NoA Ignite.

Now, it’s time for you! Take a look at what we do, and apply today!


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Katarzyna Piotrowska, IT Recruitment Specialist at NoA Ignite

Katarzyna Piotrowska

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