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Everything you might have missed from Opticon 2023

December 11, 2023 / 4 min read

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We recently participated in Opticon in the UK and Sweden, and we’re eager to share our insights on the latest developments to Optimizely. This year has brought some exciting changes, including the introduction of Optimizely One, Opal and headless CMS. What do all these changes mean? Come and have a read to find out.

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Optimizely One

At Opticon, Optimizely announced a major update to the Optimizely DXP Platform, introducing Optimizely One.

The focus of Optimizely One? To foster seamless collaboration between marketing and product teams, streamlining workflows and decision-making processes.

And if you’re wondering about changes in purchasing Optimizely products, no worries, it’s business as usual there. It will be the same system, where you’ll continue to build your stack by selecting the products you need.

However, there will be some changes in the future, such as similar interfaces and easier integrations. Optimizely has already started working in this direction, introducing unified navigation across products. Now, you can simply switch between Optimizely products from a single menu.

More about Optimizely One:

Optimizely Marketing Source:

AI as your Co-Pilot: Introducing Opal

AI is swiftly becoming the go-to feature in platforms across the board, revolutionising support, and efficiency in our day-to-day tasks. In this digital race, Optimizely is leading the pack.

At Opticon this year, Optimizely unveiled Opal, an AI assistant concept, to be integrated into their product range. Opal is designed to dovetail neatly into user workflows, offering expert assistance in content optimisation and decision-making.

Opal is defined as your smart AI assistant across the entire Optimizely One ecosystem, from the initial planning stages to in-depth tracking and analysis.

Likely mirroring the functionality of ChatGPT with its use of natural language prompts, Opal will be set to blend smoothly into existing workflows. Furthermore, it’s designed to continuously learn from user interactions and data inputs, ensuring assistance becomes more tailored and precise over time.

While Optimizely’s ecosystem already boasts built-in AI features, the rollout of Opal is eagerly anticipated but not yet available.

Opal - creating campain Source:

Opal use cases:

  • Content intelligence
    Real-time, tailored suggestions on the types of content that will convert and boost your revenue.
  • AI content generator
    Built on top of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 (soon to be upgraded to ChatGPT 4.0), this AI is embedded into your existing workflows. It enables the creation of all types of content from headlines and article outlines to white papers and even images.
  • AI tagging
    Every image you upload is automatically tagged.
  • Content recommendations
    Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, Opal profiles the real-time interests of each visitor to your site. It then intelligently serves up the most relevant content to them, all done automatically.
  • Stats Accelerator
    This tool automatically identifies significant statistical variations and fine-tunes the flow of traffic to your website.
  • Multi-Armed Bandits
    This algorithm identifies your top-performing variations, and then automatically funnels more visitors to the best-performing variation on an hourly basis.
  • Product recommendations
    AI-driven recommendations to target specific shopping cohorts on your website (e.g. abandoned cart users).

Optimizely is also planning to launch a host of new AI capabilities targeting different aspects of your workflow. This includes new tool for help with content (campaign kits, image recognition), a coding co-pilot feature and commerce-specific innovations, such us AI assistance in translations, promotions and customer support chat functions.

Find out the latest news on these upcoming features over at the Optimizely website:

Optimizely’s Partnership with Writer

Optimizely also announced a new collaboration with Writer, a comprehensive generative AI platform for content creation in enterprises. This partnership, exclusive to users of Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP), integrates advanced LLMs directly into existing marketing workflows. CMP users will benefit from AI-generated content that is not only contextually relevant but also includes industry-specific knowledge and insights.

Innovations in Content Management: Headless CMS

Optimizely announced the roll out of an SaaS, headless CMS, that includes a new suite of features, services, and APIs.

SaaS Core vs PaaS Core

Historically, the content management “core” of the Optimizely CMS has been PaaS-based. And now, Optimizely is making CMS available in SaaS too.

Optimizely CMS Source:

The SaaS Core is headless by design. It stores your content as pure data, absent of presentation, so you can use and reuse your content across various channels.
Optimizely CMS customers now have the flexibility to choose between SaaS Core or PaaS Core, whichever best suits their unique business needs. Optimizely reassure us that they are fully committed to long-term support for both options.

The SaaS Core architecture consists of five major components:

  • CMS Platform – At the heart of the solution, this platform is also the driving force behind the PaaS Core.
  • CMS UI – Provides the user experience for Content Editors and Administrators; it utilises the same interfaces currently used by editors.
  • Optimizely Identity – Handles authentication and user management for the UI.
  • Optimizely Graph – Delivers content to any frontend with high performance and precision using the GraphQL standard.
  • REST API – Manages resources in the CMS programmatically.

These components run on the same Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The headless CMS empowers developers to build and manage front-end applications independently from the CMS, granting them the liberty to use their favoured tools and frameworks.

The SaaS CMS Core is currently accessible in private beta. You can join the waiting list today to get a sneak peek.

Optimizely Graph

Optimizely Graph is a multi-tenant SaaS service that allows you to search, query, and deliver content anywhere. It acts as a single hub for all your content sources, allowing for straightforward synchronisation of external content from any source, and make it available to the downstream systems that require it.

Optimizely Graph is powered by Graph QL, a query language for APIs known for its powerful yet simple form of data fetching. Optimizely Graph serves as an on-demand content library, offering a more streamlined way to access content. This means that Optimizely customers can easily deliver dynamic digital experiences across all their marketing channels, devices, and platforms—all at lightning-fast speeds.

Optimizely Graph is now available to all Optimizely customers on CMS 12.

Visual builder: Coming Soon

Visual Builder is an upcoming innovation offering low-code and no-code solutions for experience building, visual templating, personalisation, and experimentation.
Visual builder will empower you with:

  • On-page visual editing and previews, making customisation a piece of cake
  • Drag-and-drop templates that require no-coding, simplifying design
  • Fully connected to content via Optimizely Graph
  • Embedded personalisation, enriching user experience

More on the Optimizely website:

Optimizely Visual Builder Source:

Optimizely’s Year in Review

Over the past year, Optimizely has achieved numerous successes, and here are a few statistics to prove it. Optimizely users experienced a 370% ROI as the platform helped boost revenue and efficiency. The company also saw strong growth in its customer base this year, recording a 25% increase, as over 200 new companies have embraced the platform, proving for another year that customer trust and satisfaction remain high.

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