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NoA Ignite teams up with NoA Health to deliver Veeva interactive content for a pharma client

July 19, 2021 / 2 min read

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At NoA Ignite, we keep exploring our capabilities within healthcare and pharma. In a recent project, we teamed up with our Danish sister agency NoA Health. Together, we supported their client with content design and management using Veeva PromoMats, a digital asset management solution.

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Veeva Systems is a global provider of industry-specific cloud software solutions. If you operate in the life sciences sector or the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry, you’re probably familiar with them already. Veeva’s extensive ecosystem is built on top of Salesforce.

One of the many services and solutions they offer is the so-called Veeva Vault PromoMats. This is a cloud-based digital asset management solution primarily for MRL (medical, legal and regulatory) content that goes through multiple review and approval stages. And here’s a good moment to explain what this regulated content is all about.

The regulated content issue: solved!

Pharma companies need to pay extra attention to all the publications and documents they produce and distribute. Such content often has to be reviewed and approved both by several internal departments and by a specific regulatory body. PromoMats work particularly well with this kind of regulated content in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

All in all, it’s quite a challenge to manage regulated content, and the whole process is multi-faceted and time-consuming. Vault PromoMats provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies and streamlines the process. Pharmaceutical companies can use it for:

  • Content creation
  • Reviews
  • Approvals (bear in mind the MRL review procedure)
  • Sharing
  • Publishing
  • Content performance analyses

If you think this sounds a lot like the DXP platforms that we often rave about on our blog, you’re right! These solutions have a lot in common. On the subject of DXPs, we recently published a blog post on the role and benefits of DXPs in the pharma industry.


Interactive CLM presentations

NoA Health has been a full-service marketing partner for Veeva Systems for some time now. At NoA Ignite Poland, we have also had the opportunity to work with them on projects that leverage the Veeva platform. In short, we serve as a tech partner that implements interactive presentations designed by NoA Health (primarily CLM presentations) and other communication elements. The client uses the presentations to communicate with their audience through Veeva (for example approved emails).

CLM stands for closed-loop marketing. It’s an approach in which marketing and sales departments work closely together to create and maintain an effective data management strategy. An example of a CLM approach would be that the sales department reports to marketing, informing them of the status of their leads. This solution helps to analyse the quality of specific lead sources.

CLM presentations allow marketing materials to be displayed from the same application that sales reps use to record calls with prospects. In other words, sales reps can use CLM presentations to showcase all the important information they want to convey to their leads. Thanks to the Veeva CRM system, the integration with the accounts’ and sales reps’ schedules is seamless.

NoA Health and NoA Ignite provide services related to content design and its implementation within Veeva Vault PromoMats, which is a significant part of the Veeva IT ecosystem. For us, it’s a wonderful occasion to explore the fascinating world of pharma and understand user needs in this segment further.

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PS. If you’d like to learn more about Veeva Vault PromoMats, take a look at this short video:

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Greg Kalucki, Chief Commercial Officer at NoA Ignite

Greg Kałucki

Chief Commercial Officer

Greg is a Client Director and Advisor with 15+ years experience in digital platforms and services. He has supported variety of mid-large global organisations in business growth through digitalization.

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