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March 21, 2014

Photo Academy – let’s take a shot!

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Is it possible to share passion not really connected to our professional work but actually inside the work environment?

Photo Academy

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”… actually, not so long ago and not so far away. It’d started just before I joined NoA Ignite in 2010, in the very first company office at Wygoda Street in Krakow. There was a group of enthusiast who gathered and immersed into what they shared in common: a passion for photography. They made photos, showed them to others and had creative discussions. I was amazed! By the idea itself, the benefits it brought to their photographic development, and of course by the positive social impact it had on Wave Makers. I immediately joined the team, being myself in love with photography.


The whole idea was (is) simple. Putting one specific topic on the table, doing some “homework”, exploring and experimenting, creating the pictures gallery, and voting for the best one. The greatest thing about it all is to see the differences in the participants’ approach to the very same subject. The voting has been and still is analogue. Here is one “screenshot” :)


Nowadays, it is easy to be a photographer, the camera is almost in every cell phone. You just need to watch the world around with your curious eyes and catch the moment. Like Grzegorz Kałucki did, the winner of “The Moment” round.


If you are interested in our work, you are more than welcome to visit fotoakademia.blogspot.com, see and comment.

Photo 2: Radosław Piekarz/Winner of the ‘Kraków Highlights’ round Photo 4: Grzegorz Kałucki/Winner of the ‘Moment’ round

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