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NoA Ignite – The Great Place to Work in 2022!

December 16, 2022 / 3 min read

Summer trip of NoA Ignite employees to Morawy, a vineyard in the background.

Photo from Summer Trip to Czech Republic, 2022

Happy employees = happy company. Or even more, happy employees = happy, successful, purposeful company. This is why we are proud to announce that we have got the title of Great Place to Work! 

96% of our employees claim that all things considered, NoA Ignite is a Great Place to Work. Read more to check in detail what our employees rate us so highly for.

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Results of the survey

While most of the time humans over numbers is our recipe for success, today we want to proudly display numbers - the results of the 2022 survey. 92 people (out of 107) filled in the review, which shows that a large portion of the company participated. 

The categories of the survey are the following: Credibility, Respect, Honesty, Pride, Collegiality and other. In this article we want to present just a couple of numbers that exemplify the results of the Great Place to Work survey. 

one of the results of the survey

Would our employees recommend us to friends?

93% of our employees say that they can definitely recommend NoA Ignite to friends and family as a great place to work. 

Individual approach to the employee and adapting the role to his talents and skills. A lot of changes and development over the years, so I have an impression that I worked in a few different companies. A lot of work autonomy and a Scandinavian DNA!

- Quote from the anonymous Great Place to Work survey

Our employees do feel good in NoA Ignite

NoA Ignite is also claimed to be a very accepting place. 99% of participants say that people are treated equally in the workplace - regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin. 97% point out that each new employee is warmly welcomed

This leads us to the overall atmosphere of the company - which currently is a be or not to be of every workplace. 100% of our employees notice a friendly atmosphere in the company. It literally can’t get better than that.

(...) As a mother of two children, I greatly appreciate the flexibility of work and the lack of rigid frames. I feel that the company trusts me, I trust the company and the people who manage it. I strongly feel a part of it.

- Quote from the anonymous Great Place to Work survey

Management do understand employees!

Lastly we definitely want to mention the management - often one of the most critical points in organizational culture of any company. 99% of NoA Ignite employees claim that the managers see them as a human being, not just an employee. 98% of people think that managers understand that mistakes can be made when working on difficult solutions. 98% - that the managers are available and easy to talk to.

I feel here as in a group of good friends and colleagues, not employees. In practice, there is no such thing as a "hierarchy" - we are all equal. I know that I can always talk to someone about my needs and concerns and that I will be heard.

- Quote from the anonymous Great Place to Work survey

After hours fun matters!

People First is our highest commitment in NoA Ignite. Due to our Scandinavian roots work ethics are non-negotiable yet work-life balance in our blood. We value employee happiness, sense of engagement and involvement, friendly atmosphere & responsibility as well as teamwork & collaboration. Trying to embody these values every day may be a portion of the results we gained in the Great Place to Work Survey. 

What is more, the general feel-good atmosphere and the well-being of our employees is always a priority. We integrate very often, organize events for families with children, sports events, joint outings, themed lunches in the office!  

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everyday life in noaignite

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is a global organisation, an authority on workplace culture. They have been operating for over 30 years around the world and entered Poland in 2008. Their main area of interest is conducting research and a workforce program of awards in over 150 countries.  

Said certification is an independent assessment of organizational culture, efficiency, inner trust, fairness, respect, other important values and overall management. It is based on anonymous employee opinions and represents the company's view of the quality of its working environment.

Workplace for everyone

The methodology used for the survey is called For All™ Methodology that bases on the claim that everyone in the company matters the same, despite the position and any other determinants. Each and every employee should experience their work in a positive way. This is why a Great Place to Work maximizes all people's potential thanks to:

  • Effective leaders,
  • Strong values,
  • Deep trust in all employees.

Only then the company has a potential to grow in a healthy way in terms of profit, structure and efficiency. 

For All Methodology Photo from Great Place To Work website

People discussing. The photo focuses on the laptops and a cup of coffee.

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Katarzyna Piotrowska, IT Recruitment Specialist at NoA Ignite

Katarzyna Piotrowska

IT Recruitment and EB Specialist


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