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NoA Ignite Polska gets fit for charity

June 9, 2016 / 2 min read

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Any charity action carried out within a company’s social corporate responsibility is worthy in itself, of course. But is it possible to combine charity with a second purpose that would benefit the company’s employees in return? This was the idea behind NoA Ignite’ new project Burn for Money.

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Two birds, one stone

Burn for Money was launched at the beginning of May, with the double intention to give to charity and encourage staff to get involved – and perhaps a bit fitter. It is very simple: Depending on the amount of exercise participating employees do, NoA Ignite makes a donation to organizations or individuals in need. So the more we move, the more we give.

Point system

This is how it works: Employees who want to contribute measure their sports activities with the Strava, Runkeeper or Endomondo app. Using the point system illustrated below, we register kilometers for activities where distance can be easily determined (cycling, running, skating, walking etc.) and time for other activities (fitness, gym, swimming, tennis, football, volleyball, climbing etc.)

  • Cycling – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Running – 2 pt for 1 km
  • Walking – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Skating – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Scooter – 1 pt for 1 km
  • Other – 1 pt for 10 min

For every three points, NoA Ignite decided to donate 1 zloty to a chosen charity. The beneficiary is appointed by a participant whose name will be drawn.

Every contribution counts

Many NoA Ignite’ employees already practice sport regularly, some of whom take it pretty seriously and enjoy extreme challenges. Systems Consultant Karol Bera has already registered more than 800 kilometres of cycling within the charity action:

“Burn for Money is a really cool action. In my case it won’t have a big influence on the number of kilometers I cycle or how often I go on a bike ride, but I hope that it will motivate others to do sport regularly”, he says.

Another long-distance cyclist is Content Editor Salvatore Carfora, who is closing in on Karol at around 600 kilometres of cycling. But of course Burn for Money is for everyone – it is not a competition but rather a way to do something together for a good cause. Those who are less active can simply register their daily walk or cycle ride to work, for example. Every contribution counts!

Most importantly, the action has proved to be a turning point for some employees. Communications Manager Michał Majerczak, for example, reveals that he exercised around 20 times in May while he didn’t participate in any sport in the previous few months:

“The action has given me a reason to be more active. For me, running and cycling is much more fun if it’s part of something bigger like a competition or charity action”, Michał says.

Beyond all expectations

So far, Burn for Money has gone beyond all expectations. 29 employees have already contributed and the first goal of 3,000 points for the month of May was easily accomplished – in fact, we ended up with an impressive 4,311 points. In the year of the Olympics, it seems that NoA Ignite’ employees are more motivated to exercise than ever!

Invitation to collaborate

NoA Ignite would be delighted to cooperate with Krakow companies that are interested in similar charity actions. We may also be able to help local companies with the technology or know-how needed for this kind of action.

Please contact us on +48 664 769 486 or email

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