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NoA Ignite for Women's Rights Centre: An ideathon

September 17, 2021 / 1 min read

Ideaton for Centrum Praw Kobiet in NoA Ignite Poland

At NoA Ignite Poland, we are very serious about CSR and pro bono activities, especially when it comes to human rights. That’s why we decided to support the Cracovian division of the Women’s Rights Centre foundation in looking for the best idea for their business activity. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Have you ever heard about ideathons? It’s a fantastic way to come up with a solution to a pressing problem or issue. Here’s how it works: You gather people from diverse environments and backgrounds in one place. Participants are presented with a problem that needs to be solved. They work in teams and use design thinking to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions.

When it comes to the ideathon we did on 9th September for the Women’s Right Centre (Pol. Centrum Praw Kobiet – CPK), the cause was more than important. The Cracovian division of this foundation needed an idea for the business activity that would allow them to become financially independent. It goes without saying that they were looking for ideas compliant with their mission and work.

Ideaton for Centrum Praw Kobiet

Our role

Our cooperation with the Women’s Rights Centre started over a year ago. This year, we decided to extend our support, and since this organisation was looking for an idea to become financially independent, we offered to host an ideathon at our office. We can already say it was a huge success that we are particularly proud of!

For starters, we had quite a team on board:

  • Four employees of NoA Ignite Poland, including Szymon Heliosz, our Senior UX Designer who was moderating the ideathon;
  • Members of CPK Warsaw and Cracov, including the CEO of the whole foundation – Urszula Nowakowska, and Natalia Kućma – the managing director of CPK Cracov;
  • Members of Zurich Foundation, a Swiss NGO that also actively supports CPK’s activities.

Ideaton for Centrum Praw Kobiet

The ideathon for CPK

Our ideathon took place on 9th September 2021 and lasted for over six hours. We prepared the whole event, managed it, and collected the ideas. The results were tremendous! Our participants managed to come up with as many as over 50 different ideas! Later, we selected four we deemed the most workable.

Currently, we are still summing everything up. Shortly, CPK will pick the idea that suits their requirements best, and we will help them with our knowledge and experience to implement it in the best possible way.

We have to tell you; this project makes us very proud! We always willingly engage in various pro bono activities and are always happy when our contribution bears fruit. And be in no doubt, that’s not the last time you read about our CSR actions!

People discussing. The photo focuses on the laptops and a cup of coffee.

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Anna Rejkowicz Marketing Manager at NoA Ignite Poland

Anna Rejkowicz

Marketing Manager

Anna is the Marketing Manager responsible for coordinating marketing activities in the Cracow office of NoA Ignite. Ania has experience in creating brand and communication strategies, as she worked previously as a Strategy Manager. She’s also a big enthusiast of creating a friendly business environment for effective CSR activities and supporting local NGO-s organisations.

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