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April 30, 2014

NoA Ignite – A great place to work?

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The very first impressions of NoA Ignite: people, inspiration, motivation and it is all real.

A great place to work

I was about to get a headache…so I closed my eyes, put my laptop into sleep mode and run out from the desk… “No, no more screens!” it resonated it my head. I went down to the cantina, found my place behind the piano and started to play. The song went on and I drove off to a different planet with loads of new ideas. It worked. I regained my energy.


But this is just a bonus to something else, something that is much more valuable.

What are my first impressions from being here? Oh, I’ve been often asked about this lately since I joined NoA Ignite in January 2014. “I’m amazed how people are inspiring each other”, this is what I say. It took me about two months to finally visit the Oslo office and to recognize I became inspired myself, by people I met.


WaveMakers are very different, they bring broad experience from different walks of life. They all have passions and their catching heart peculiarities :) They are welcoming, smiling, openly sharing thoughts and ideas. WaveMakers have many exciting stories to tell. One is about how company policy was changed to promote “People First” culture, by removing controlling mechanisms and by putting the person in the centre instead. Read the full story From Grades to Self-determination at NoA Ignite blog to get inspired.


There is almost a blossoming spring outside the office window, my body is exploding with a strong notion of standing on a mountain top with an overwhelming sun on my cheeks, right now, right there! So I take a break, go out to the Main Market square. Grinning around I order a fresh fruit cocktail, and with new plans for the weekend I come back to this grand medley that somehow makes bold ideas become reality.

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Anna Kasprzykowska

Anna came aboard NoA Ignite as a Senior Project Manager in 2014. She has worked in the international business environment delivering projects to the largest European-based multinational corporations operating in telecommunications. After hours she can’t sit still, so it may be tricky to catch up with her in the water or on the ground. And she smiles a lot.

Contact Anna: anna.kasprzykowska@noaignite.com

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