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Making Software Kids – Basics of programming for children

September 19, 2014 / 1 min read

Kids during Making Software in Making Waves Poland

I believe that it makes sense to do something good for society. As consultants working in the Information Technology sector, we are very fortunate to have the right education and dream jobs.

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Why not offer this opportunity to more people? We believe that children aged 8+ years can learn abstract thinking and problem solving. We have decided to provide just such an environment for young people, where they can play and learn. We call this Making Software Kids. This event is open to everyone, and free of charge. It will be run by professionals with the necessary knowledge and the right approach for young students.

We have dozens of ideas for sessions: efficient internet searches, programming drones, security in the internet, and making digital devices with Raspberry Pi, to name just a few. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions. Furthermore, if you find our ideas compelling, we’re open to partnerships.

For now, the following is initial information about upcoming programming:

  • Children will learn how to use KODU, a new visual programming language by Microsoft,
  • The event will take place in the NoA Ignite Polska office in Krakow on Saturdays,
  • You are welcome to bring your family with you,
  • A room for socializing and refreshments will be located next to the classrooms.

For more information about Making Software Kids, please follow our blog, Facebook or LinkedIn. Registration will open in mid-October. If you have other questions, please write to

People discussing. The photo focuses on the laptops and a cup of coffee.

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