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Making Software 2017- developers’ meetup summary

December 20, 2017 / 2 min read

A hall full of people during the Making Software conference.

NoA Ignite supports the idea of knowledge sharing, so we encourage our employees to take part in workshops, conferences and trainings regularly, by giving them a training budget to spend. The main purpose is to get exposed to new topics and modern technologies, and perhaps most importantly, to network with IT professionals from all over the world. This is one of the reasons we regularly organize our own conference for developers – Making Software. Each time we see more young IT enthusiasts joining us for valuable discussions and creative idea sharing.

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This winter we hosted Making Software for the 12th time, welcoming more than 130 keen developers and other IT professionals.

The participants had a chance to listen to four talks :

In ‘Functions All The Way Down’– Paweł Bańka, Senior .Net developer at NoA Ignite, explained why it is wrong to associate functional programming with finances and statistics only. He showed how to create web applications without inheritance, mutating variables, IoC containers and null references using F# programming language.

Making Software2

Andrzej Fricze ( provided insights on how to take the most out of what front-end development has to offer nowadays in his presentation ‘Tomorrow came yesterday – how to keep pace with the future? React 16, Rx 5.5, CSS grid and more…’. He explained how the apps that are currently being created differ from the ones developed 10 years ago. Andrzej also spoke on how modern technologies provide us with an extra time to think about the purpose of what we do and how to use this time effectively. A great technical talk with a philosophic flavor that was down to earth at the same time.

Making Software3

Jakub Mrugalski, our special guest from the portal, explained how to secure a web application in an easy way. Jakub made us familiar with the defensive mechanisms (so-called security headers). These are not very well known among developers but help increase the security of a web application significantly – and what is most important – with a low workload.

Frode Rennemo, Systems Consultant from Norway, caught everybody’s attention with his ‘Beer analysis’ show during which he gave the audience an introduction to the core principles and concepts of Elasticsearch. He explained how to develop using its API and how to run analysis, using the example of alcoholic beverages sold in Norway through Kibana. This talk was particularly great for anyone who wanted to learn more about Belgian beer and find out about the most cost-effective way to get tipsy in Norway!

Making Software4

After the talks, we could all enjoy the venue of Browar Lubicz with beer, wine, pizza and snacks –making it easy for everyone to continue the discussions and have fun in general.

As always we asked all participants to fill in a survey and give us feedback on the conference so that we can improve our future events and make them be even more compelling for developers. The key take-away for us was that people participate in ‘Making Software’ conference because they want to learn new things and share information and knowledge they have. This was great to hear as it is exactly what our corporate culture is about.

We were happy to see that the participants value our choice of presentations topics and the quality of the talks.

63% of the notes we received was ‘very good’ and 37% of respondents marked it as ‘good’

Of course we will aim at improving this ranking even more in the spring edition!

We would like to thank the participants for their advice and tips. We promise:

Longer breaks 😉 More snacks Even more interesting speakers and topics as per their suggestions Stay tuned – the next edition is already scheduled for spring 2018 and we have already started preparations. Help us grow this event by telling your friends about it and inviting them to come as well.

See you soon.

Making Software1

People discussing. The photo focuses on the laptops and a cup of coffee.

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