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Integrated digital platforms

Support your business goals and provide extra value for your users with a digital integrated platform. We combine different applications and technologies into one platform with a unified design and consistent user experience.

Our expertise with this type of solutions for medium- and large-sized companies and organisations will enable you to successfully transform and focus on a digital approach:

  • Vision: We help you define a long-term vision which is beneficial for both your customers and your business
  • Architecture prototyping: We create prototypes and deliver an MVP so that you can gather business feedback and continue to grow
  • Technology: Once the architecture has been established, we draw upon our expertise to select the technology that best fits your platform’s vision and architecture

We always take into account:

  • Cost-efficiency: A strategic, long-term vision behind the project pays off
  • Scalability: With a modular approach, your platform can be easily extended
  • UX: Smooth and consistent experience at every user touchpoint
  • Risk management: Maximise control over the platform and anticipate risks and challenges


  • Enterprise CMS application with modern UI and UX, integrated with back-end systems
  • Quick front-end prototyping using modern JS frameworks: React, Angular, Vue
  • Modern back-end stack: Node.js, .NET Core, Domain Driven Design
  • Monolith and microservice architectures: Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric
  • Flexible hosting support: On-premise, Azure, AWS

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Michał Majerczak, Chief Operating Officer at NoA Ignite

Michał Majerczak

Chief Operating Officer

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