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Together with Varier, we have designed and developed a digital destination that leads with movement, unlocking brand expression and driving conversion.

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About the project

Varier is a furniture company based in Oslo, making out-of-the-ordinary chairs that invite you to move while you sit. Behind the brand, there's a strong belief that we can live better and more sustainable lives through everyday acts of movement. Whether for living or work, Varier strives to create a more balanced way to sit that lets us return to our moving instincts.

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Unlocking brand expression

Form meets function in this elevated digital experience that creates space for the inherent movement in Varier’s elegant selection of chairs. The brand philosophy shines through in every detail - from content and product categorization to interactive elements and UI - allowing the brand message to come alive.

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Aspirational Guidance

Embedded throughout the site, the customer finds inspirational elements that surprise and delight, inviting the user on a guided journey to find the perfect chair tailored to specific needs.

Tech highlights

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E-commerce platform


Frontend framework


Content cloud



The result

Composable architecture for a flexible storefront

The storefront is built upon a technical framework with the capacity to support a large number of variations. With a composable architecture based on the Centra platform and Sanity content cloud, it was possible to add on 3rd-party services that could unlock 360° configurations.

By seamlessly integrating PIM data onto the e-Commerce platform, we have enabled a streamlined process for enriching product data. All in all, delivering a storefront that flexes around Varier's needs, driving revenue, flexibility, and speed.

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