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Why do we publish the Technology Radar?

June 18, 2018 / 2 min read

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Nowadays the technology landscape is growing faster than ever. With an endless number of technologies, platforms, frameworks and products, it’s impossible to keep up to date with all of them. At NoA Ignite, we use our Technology Radar to showcase our defining strengths and our future trajectory.

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We are proud of our strengths

With Technology Radar we clearly communicate which technologies we are excel at, and we showcase cutting edge technologies we are utilizing to construct prototypes in our R&D projects. We believe that such condensed information has more value than generic marketing slogans. I’m sure our customers can appreciate the transparency.

We want to engage talented people

We have many talented people in NoA Ignite and we want to attract even more. Glance view on Technology radar shows what we use in our projects now and what we will use in upcoming months. For top-tier talents, “being a market leader”, “having a friendly atmosphere in a motivated team” or “a great benefits package” are not what matters most. They aim to develop themselves in a carefully chosen trajectory, and NoA Ignite’ Technology Radar helps them plot their course.

We aim to develop ourselves

At NoA Ignite we want to be in the forefront of digital industry. With this vision we have to continuously develop, measure, and improve the skill sets of our developers. Internally we use Radar as a tool where we mark emerging technologies that we would like to examine. Then we organize hackathons, show&do sessions (internal presentations and trainings), or just spend dedicated self-learning time to get familiar with new technologies and evaluate them. Once we prove that a given technology is a good choice, we begin implementing it into our projects.

NoA Ignite Technology Radar 2018

To better visualize how we perceive technologies our Technology Radar has three categories: Research, Try and Use.

“Research” is the stage where we explore cutting edge and previously unused technolgies, testing them before using them on commercial projects. Sometimes this means integrating them into internal projects, and other times organizing hackathons, or making working protoypes for potential customers. Additionally, our employees have three weeks built into their yearly schedule dedicated to familiarizing themselves with new, interesting technologies.

After a technology passes the “Research” stage, we move it to the “Try” stage. We believe that these technologies will be effective choices for certain scenarios. Therefore we recommend them to selected customers who are expecting a high degree of innovation in their projects.

“Use” has technologies with proven history, that have been well-tested in multiple implementations. Of course not every technology from “Use” area is a good choice for every project, but it’s the role of our Technology Advisors to understand customer needs and select the best ones for each scenario.

Interested in more details? If you want to see which technologies we selected in 2018 you will soon be able to read the next article: ‘NoA Ignite Technology Radar 2018

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