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How to define digital challenges in the healthcare industry

Tuesday, 18.10.2022
11:00 AM BST
Duration: 25 min + Q&A session

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Key takeouts

During the webinar you will get to know:

  • Why defining business challenges based on user research is so crucial

  • That research doesn't have to be time and budget consuming

  • How to tackle it in the context of the healthcare industry, which is often process-heavy and requires the involvement of legal, IT, and other departments.

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You will hear practical bits of advice on:

1. Identify the real issue behind the challenge
2. Find the right solution to a problem
3. Incorporate a tangible toolset to support your operations

Our experts

Szymon Heliosz, Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist at NoA Ignite

Szymon Heliosz

Senior UX Designer & Customer Experience Strategist

Szymon is our man with a plan. His extensive 15-year experience in UX design, business strategy, and client development means he’s more than earned his stripes in leading and shaping user-centric strategies. Far from being a dictator, Szymon excels by connecting the dots between stakeholders. His ability to facilitate insightful interviews means he delivers what your business needs, not what you think it needs.


Hubert Turaj

Hubert Turaj

Managing partner and co-founder of EDISONDA.

He is a managing partner and co-founder of EDISONDA. Hubert has 16+ years of experience as a UX designer, design manager, and innovation consultant. Hubert has conducted hundreds of international projects for start-ups, medium-sized companies and global corporations. He honed his competencies in managing complex projects and research initiatives, implementing design systems and gathering insights from different audiences. Hubert has worked with pharma corporations, healthcare providers and clinics, as well as medical start-ups. A huge fan of prototyping and agile innovation process.


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NoA Ignite is an experienced digital agency specialising in the digital health sector. We regularly organise events and webinars about promoting, digitising and improving the services and offers of companies in the broadly understood healthcare industry. If you work in healthcare and you’re responsible for marketing or communication, you will find tons of practical knowledge during our webinars!

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