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Noa Ignite logo

Making Waves moves
forward under a new
name: NoA Ignite

The world of digital is constantly changing and we are here to keep up with this pace to help our clients grow. This is why we make a shift in our strategy, and join forces with our sister agency Hello Great Works under a new name: NoA Ignite!

NoA structure
For a few years already, Making Waves has been a part of NoA and has helped many clients in their journey to become digital companies. To future-proof our strategy and address the current challenges in the digital world, we’ve decided to shift our focus and work under a different name.

“NoA Ignite” was chosen to showcase the transformative and meaningful impact we want to have on business and people. We want to support our clients in bringing out their full business potential, and in helping them to ignite and take off.

We will still create top-notch digital experiences for our clients, but with an even bigger focus on making their platforms perform in the most profitable and cost-effective way. We are strengthening our e-commerce capabilities to be a trusted companion during our clients’ journey in the digital realm of today.

As NoA Ignite, we will be the spark that sets off a ripple effect throughout our clients’ organisation and changes it for the better. Together with our sister offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we will be their powerhouse for digital growth.

The new name will also bring the different branches of the North Alliance (NoA) closer together. Thanks to this collaboration between NoA offices, we can offer our clients a holistic approach and a broader service offering to help them in reaching their digital goals.

Come and join us on this exciting journey.
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NoA Ignite office space